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European certification

for Scientific Divers


The AIOSS (Italian Association of Scientific Scuba Operators) issue the certificates of European Scientific Diver (ESD) and Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD) to all of its members that meet the minimum requirements set by the European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP).

The certification is valid for five years and it is recognized in all EU states that join within the ESDP.

The certification is individual and doesn’t substitute a scuba certification, which must be appropriate to the depth and the operating conditions of the certification level required. Moreover it does not replace the need for a medical annual coverage and an adequate accident insurance  and/or third party liability, where requested.


To obtain the certification you must satisfy all the standards required and you must be an AIOSS member (for the year of issue of subscription & renewal). You can submit a request using the application form, and be qualified in one of the following scientific areas:

  • Archeology (pertinent bachelor required)

  • Biology & Ecology (pertinent bachelor required)

  • Geology and Earth Sciences (pertinent bachelor required)

  • Journalism (pertinent bachelor required)

  • Medicine (pertinent bachelor required)

  • Instrumentation and equipment (technical diploma required)

  • Veterinary (pertinent bachelor required)

  • Acquarium & museum studies (pertinent bachelor required)

It is also needed demonstrate to have performed a minimum of 20 (ESD) or 50 (ESDC) scientific diving. For this purpose, shall be considered valid:

  • dives during national or international research projects, attested by the head of research and supported by publications;

  • dives during professional activities in different scientific fields, certified by the employer or supported by technical reports;

  • dives during the university courses about scientific research underwater methods (in different sectors), internships and thesis and attested by teachers;

  • dives during extra-university courses about scientific research underwater methods (in different sectors) approved by AIOSS and certified by teachers/instructors.

All the documents, certificates and patents produced as copies (photocopies, scans, PDF, JPG or TIFF) must be accompanied by the relevant STATEMENT IN LIEU OF AFFIDAVIT (art. 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445/00), together with a valid identity document copy.


The requisites helded that it is not possible to send a copy of the document certifying may be self-certified by PERSONAL DECLARATION OFCERTIFICATION (art. 46 of Presidential Decree no. 445/00), together with a valid identity document copy. Please limit self-certification to the minimum necessary. AIOSS reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the documents and the statements made, asking any additions or rejecting incomplete applications.


Forms and standards

All documents can be sent by postal mail or in digital format (PDF scans, JPG or TIFF) addressed to AIOSS (email:


The release of the European Scientific Diver  (ESD) and Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD) certification is for AIOSS members in good standing for the current year and is subject to the payment of the secretariat expenses. For new subscriptions must follow the proper procedure online. The membership fee/renewal (€ 30.00) and the costs of the secretariat (€ 50.00) can be paid separately or in a unique sum by credit card:

Choose from the following options
Applicant Name


or by bank transfer, specifying the name of the applicant and the motivation:


Bank account name: Associazione Italiana Operatori Scientifici Subacquei

Bank account number: 000100898332


IBAN-account number: IT50J0200813171000100898332





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